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Why Train With Azi


Expert Trainer

Azi is a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, pre and postnatal trainer and a USATF level 2 certified track and field coach with many years of experience.


Flexible Programs

Workout wherever you are most comfortable. Azi will bring his workout equipment to your home, backyard, park or the gym to make it easy for you to achieve your fitness goals.


Affordable Sessions

Training sessions are on a month to month bases and are very affordable. No membership is required, and no long term contracts.. You are free to cancel whenever you want.

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Weight loss

Let's design a simple and effective program designed for you to lose weight and keep it off for good. We an also design a program to help you gain weight

Pre/postnatal training

I will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel strong through every pregnancy stage and after. I am certified and have worked with over a dozen of pregnant clients in the past.

Strength training

Together we will discuss your goals and all the variables surrounding those to create a personalized approach to your fitness.

Body Skulptor Fitness

Body Skulptor Fitness has helped hundreds of athletes and clients make their health, fitness and athletic performance dreams a reality. The mission is to reach more people and help them accomplish their health and fitness goals.

Our method has been tested

“I wasn’t the biggest fitness guy, but thanks to Body Skulptor Fitness, I finally found an easy way to workout from home! Azi brought the gym to my home and his classes are easy
John Mensah
“Body Skulptor Fitness took me to the next level of my at-home exercising. Azi is really top-notch, which is amazing considering the low cost of the classes!”
Terence Denis
“Highly recommended! Azi has such a big variety of classes that I can always find something new and interesting for me based on what I’m in the mood for!”
Mary Agbor


Most frequent questions and answers

General fitness, weight loss and weight gain sessions are 1hr long while track and field coaching services are 2hra long.

 I don’t believe anyone is ever going to be too old to exercise. The youngest client i have ever trained is 10yrs old and the oldest is 90yrs old. I haven’t created any limits for myself. 

No membership is required, and no long term contracts. But you are required to pay on a month to month bases for your training sessions. 

Monthly payments are not a one size fit all, they are based on the number of sessions your want per month and the duration of each sessions. 

You are free to cancel whenever you want, there are no long term binding contracts.

 If you can’t make it to a session, just give me a minimum of a 24hr notice and your session will be saved.


For any inquiries please call or email